Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tune up --

moved! i hate this place.

will leave this here for memories though.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

tune up --

back to the daily grind...studying training studying training.

cos we are responsible for our own success or failure >(

feeling really drained right now...

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tune up --

actually life is pretty boring.


dance night was so amazing, so many things i wanted to say but faded out over time with nothing left over but "awesome" stuck in my head. thanks to my batchmates, my seniors and those who like, congratulated me after the event and stuff (: haha thanks for making me feel socially in touch lmao. appreciated the support a lot. haha.

a bit pensive, though, about the year ahead.

nowadays the only things that keep me happy are class time and, of course, dance prac. dance prac always keeps me alive no matter how depressed i am. like i'll start grooving and forget all my misery. it really has become a part of my life. feels really good.

but otherwise apart from that im almost always moody and reserved these days. i feel as if im like just floating on in the abyss, and that feeling of me being in a foreign country just keeps getting into me i have no idea why. its crazy and it just like, spoils my mood for the whole day.

i guess my life is very boring. dance and and class......shit man there should be more to life than just that!!?? how uncool am i.


hey, don't feel shitty and all k. its a tough ride but just talk to me if you need i'm always around. (:

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tune up --

just keep talking guys. doesn't matter to me.

this is the right path and i have taken it. im liking it all, im LOVING the life i live now.

so go on and question me now and again. then a few months later go ahead and keep asking yourselves why you aren't achieving what you want. i don't give a shit man.

i'll just keep training, for that is all i want and all i really need.

for i deserve respect and i will get the respect that i deserve.

and by then, if any of you dare to talk back, don't even think about it.



these few days im feeling firey and depressed. it doesn't feel good at all. i'll post a decent post in a while.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

tune up --

blogger please have a lock post function.

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tune up --

dance night prac for the whole week has been bloody tiring. seriously 6 times a week 3+ hours a day that is just so spas - IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!

street is at the top and at the bottom, we are such highlights, im telling you.


meanwhile, breaking.

new dance style! haha.

self-prac session just now confirmed that after i cut my hair, the evolution was complete.

kay but anyway we all have to have a practice session someday. i need to find a 5th guy.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

tune up --

200 posts...god its been long.

so many thoughts i have in mind but have no idea how to phrase them, don't feel like openly shouting them out.

i have been thinking of what i have been going through for the whole of last year, training non-stop from the lift lobby to the lowest basement of bukit timah shopping centre, going to esplanade subways, entering cyphers, getting smoked, listening to music, watching people and watching how other people watch me, having my ego trampled on by other dancers, going to watch competitions, learning from others, watching videos of born, having a battle outside my house, listening to music, silently marking and experimenting with steps, grooving to the beat, sweating like a mad dog, sleeping, listening to music, tiring myself out like shit, saying no to outings to practice, dying, crying, practice, practice, practice.

add an "alone" to all of the above and that will how i have been training for all of the past year full stop.

i've practiced hard. i've practiced alone. it wasn't easy. no, it wasn't.

i've gone this far, and this is definitely not the end. one reason for training that hard was to get into street, and here i am. all this training was to show everyone that i know, especially the dancers who i first met in the dance studio, that i can do it, im just as capable as reaching your standard as you are.

this mindset will never die, as stubborn as i am. this goal will be etched in my mind forever, as well as the aggressive, passionate attitude i have developed towards dancing.

yet i know right now i am wrong.

i am in a team - a team of competent, gifted dancers, a batch with the same passion for dancing.

i have joined street dance, and am in an extremely talented batch. yeoon, clive, weijie, mansi, crystal, syidah, nan, joong, di, geraldine, danielle, mandi, juliet, yuhan. 3 months in, and we are performing onstage. how cool is that.

through my process of learning breaking, i have met yeoon, chenwei, wilbert, michael lee, wei jie, dat, wee kien, troy, weihing, zanthe, nandita, teri, and so many others who have ventured past the babyfreeze to learn more about the dance, and enjoy it as much as, or even more than i do.

big shoutouts though, to yeoon and chenwei, who have been breaking with me ALL this while. cannot thank you two enough. you bros should know how i feel.

i am not alone, and hence i should not feel so.

thus i won't train hard. i won't give it my all in the performance. i won't show the world how much respect street deserves.

WE will train hard. WE will give it our all in the performance.

WE will show the world how much respect street deserves.


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